Is Partial Knee Replacement in an ASC Right for You?

The Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Asheville, in partnership with Dr. Joseph Dement, has initiated partial knee replacements in an outpatient setting. The evolution of the partial knee, coupled with effective pain management techniques, makes OSCA the perfect option for a healthy individual in need of a partial knee replacement. 

The anesthesiologists with AllCare Clinical Associates, in conjunction with Dr. Joseph Dement, combine the use of regional and local anesthesia to provide up to 72 hours of pain control post-operatively, as well as discharge within as little as 2 hours.

OSCA has been providing cost effective health care in a safe and personal environment since 2002. Please see “Oxford Partial Knee Replacement” under “Our Specialties” to view the procedure.

Contact Dr. Dement at 828-252-7331 to find out if outpatient partial knee replacement is right for you.